What do you make of *this*? More on partisan differences in trustworthiness of "university" scientists
Friday, March 24, 2017 at 5:26AM
Dan Kahan

Careful now . . . .

Like “yesterday's”™ item (WHICHSCI), this one (SCIIMP1) made a one-time-only appearance in 2006 GSS.

Companion items asked whether it was important that "the people who do [science] have advanced degrees in their field"; that "conclusions [be] based on solid evidence"; that "researchers carefully examine different interpretations, even ones they disagree with"; and that  "the results are consistent with religious beliefs." Responseswere all skewed in patterns that reflected a pro-science sensibility. Check out the GSS codebook if you are curious about toplines on those -- they are all skewed toward a pro-science outlook.

Here is regression model, in case anyone is interested.

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